3 screens, 1 mouse.

I walked into work today, and was surprised by the fact that I had forgotten that I had set up a second monitor for my computer Friday. I immediately pulled my MacBook out of my bag and ended up in front of my new favorite setup:

My Desk

Nice, hu?

So it then became very cumbersome, to have one mouse and keyboard setup for 2 monitors, and a different set-up for the MacBook. I really just wanted to use the one for all three. Years ago I had a similar set up, only I had a windows desktop and an Ubuntu one as well. I used a program called synergy. So I started to play with that. I found it does not work so nice with OS X Lion. Did a little more research and came across an application called ‘ShareMouse‘. Love it. Now when i want to work on the MacBook, I just drag my mouse the right of the middle screen, and boom, I’m on the MacBook. Oh and did I mention it’s free? sweet deal.

Anyways, just thought that I would share.

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