What happened to editing?

I am very confused.

Let me explain. I read A LOT. I read books often, maybe 10 a year, but I read all-day, everyday online. I read the news. I read a million blogs, both big and small. To hazard a guess, I would say that I read somewhere in the ballpark of 150,000 words a day. I think that’s a lot.

I can’t tell you how often I am reading an article at a small news site or tech blog and I have to remind myself that what I am reading is written by amateur reporters, with next-to no budget, or written by someone at some company who is NOT a reporter at all, but is just conveying information about a project. I can forgive them. But then there are times (at least five or six times a day, mind you) when I read something by the major news outlets and the grammar is flat-out wrong, or you can tell that the author was playing around with wording, and says the same thing twice:

“It is a long extradition process, but in the past, the U.S. has maintained a strong relationship with the Portuguese law enforcement in the past.”

That’s from Fox (FOX!) News.

And that’s just one example from that article. Read it. Please. I’ll wait.

See what I mean?

said in statement… (in statement?)
an FBI statement read.
the statement read.
the statement read.
the statement read.
according to the statement.

Those are the end of six consecutive paragraphs. How is this good writing? editing? reporting???

Maybe I should keep a list…. Hmmm…

Whatever happened to proper editors actually reading the things they publish? I miss newspapers all of a sudden.

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