iCloud is the Truest cloud…

but that does not mean it is the best.

I don’t really understand why people try and lump iCloud and DropBox (or any other cloud storage service) into the same catagory. They are not. iCloud if for the most part a backup service. It allows developers to use a special folder on your iDevice (my god I hate that term), that is kept in sync with Apple’s servers. The user NEVER sees any of this. The only time it is useful is when s/he needs to replace, or upgrade their device(s). Things like saved game data is automatically transfered to the new device. Providing a seemless experience. Dropbox (and it’s actual competitors) offer one thing, raw storage that can be directly accessed and manipulated. I can choose to back up my backups (this is a HUGE point of contention for me, if I can not see and am not aware of what is backed up, than it’s not really a backup, IMO)

While DropBox can be used by a developer in the same way that iCloud can (They can create a folder in your Dropbox that is independant of the device), iCloud can not be used by a user in the same way that DropBox Can. A User has no direct access.

What it really boils down to is just that. Direct Access. While Apple is on a mission to make everything about the computer ‘disapear’ (look my Pages document is on my phone too!!), the ‘cloud’ really is about shifting the computer away from the ‘local’ and into the ‘remote’. Apple is taking away the ability to do anything but make a new ‘document’ (whatever type of data that might be) and only have it show up when you want to work on it, while everyone else is trying to take your computer and just make it accessible from anywhere, but still preserving all the power that comes from maintaining a computing environment.

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